How To Use Our Blog

How to Use Our Blog

Let’s start at the beginning. If you are not familiar with blogs we need to define just what one is. The term “blog” is actually short for “weblog” which is an online journal that is regularly updated with entries called “posts.”  These posts are the main reason the blog exists and consist of writings, discussions, links, pictures, graphics or other related content listed in reverse-chronological order. Blogs exist because of posts, and the comments, responses and replies generated by the posts.

New to using a Blog? There is an excellent, short, You Tube video from a company called CommonCraft that explains the basics of a blog quite well, “Blogs In Plain English”

To assist our visitors in getting maximum benefit from time spent on our Blog we wanted to take a few moments and explain how things are structured and what you can expect.  First and foremost we want to encourage visitors to interact with our posts and the comments left by other visitors. Your comments, questions, and suggestions are key in making our blog more useful to everyone.

For more information getting the most out of the HTS Tech Tips blog check out each of the following links to other sections of our “How To Use” section:

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“RSS – Another Name for Really Simple Syndication”

WordPress Blogging Software

We use WordPress software for our Blog.  It is a powerful tool that allows us to publish information, gather information, thoughts and opinions from our visitors and do it all in a relatively organized and timely manner.

If you would like to learn more about blog terms or about WordPress you can find some helpful information on WordPress website in an “Introduction to WordPress Terminology.” This is well written and contains more in depth information on common blog terms and concepts:

We hope you enjoy our Tech Tips and News blog!


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