Free Internet Connection Speed Test Web Sites

by Mike McEvoy on May 10, 2009

Ever wonder just how fast that “high speed” broadband Internet connection you pay for each month really is? High speed Internet connection providers throw around a wide range of numbers when describing how “fast” their service is. How do you know if you are getting what you are paying for? Luckily, there are some very helpful, free Internet connection speed test tools that can answer that question for you.


DSL Connection Price Reductions

by MikeM on April 22, 2008

Question:  I have an DSL Internet connection that I have had for over four years. I pay $45 a month but I have heard that I can get a DSL connection for a lot less. How can I do this? Answer:  Over the last few years DSL service prices have decreased. During the same period [...]


Broadband Connection Speed Testing

by MikeM on February 18, 2008

Question: I have heard about how fast DSL and cable modem Internet connections are, but my DSL connection doesn’t seem very fast. Is there a way I can test how fast my connection actually is? Answer: Yes, there are a few different sites that allow you to do this. The one we like the best [...]