SSD – Solid State Drives Enter the Mainstream

by Mike McEvoy on December 31, 2011

SSD Solid-State Drives Intel SSD

Solid-state disk drives (SSD) are still in the early adopter stages, but with changes in the computing market they may well be about to take off.  What exactly is a solid-state disk drive?  A solid-state drive is a drive with no moving parts. Unlike a traditional hard disk drive (HDD), an SSD drive has no [...]


New Laptop Computer Buying Tips

by Mike McEvoy on July 22, 2010


Buying a new laptop computer can be challenging given the numerous choices and options available. Frequently the new laptop buying process can be a bit overwhelming. A good method for simplifying the buying process is to start with narrowing down some of the key options and choices. Identifying and focusing on the most important requirements [...]


USB 3.0 – USB, The Next Generation

by Mike McEvoy on December 6, 2009


The evolution of the well known Universal Serial Bus, also known simply as USB, continues with the release of the first devices using the new USB 3.0 specification. USB ports are the little rectangular connectors on all computers that are used to connect everything from printers, scanners and plotters to mice, keyboards, external hard disk [...]