Where Does Spam Come From?

by Mike McEvoy on August 24, 2010


Spam impacts everyone in one way or another. Have you ever found yourself wondering where does spam actually come from?  Where in the world does spam originate prior to clogging up your email Inbox or your computer? I recently came across interesting spam information from ICSA Labs, an independent testing organization that produces a weekly [...]


Whenever your computer is turned off for more than 2-3 days be sure to let your antivirus software update itself before checking email or getting online. The longer your computer is turned off the bigger the potential security gap. A Common Post-Vacation Computer Scenario: You have been on vacation for 2-3 weeks (lucky you) and [...]


Current Internet Security Threats – Viruses, Spyware, Malware and More Do you worry about your online security? The world of internet security threats changes rapidly, on an almost minute by minute basis. Many people are unaware of the multitude of different forms of malicious software (virus, spyware, Trojans, hijackers, etc., also known as malware) circulating [...]