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by Mike McEvoy on January 24, 2011


Our top computer tips from 2010 covered a wide range of the technology spectrum. We must have hit on a good mixture of interesting and useful mix of computer tips, technology news and online computer support information as the number of visitors to our site went up dramatically in 2010. To help kick off 2011 we begin with sampling of some of our best posts from 2010.

Top Computer Tips from 2010

  1. New Laptop Computer Buying Tips
    Buying a new laptop computer can be challenging. Technology continues to evolve rapidly and nobody really wants to end up with a regrettable purchase. This post provides some insights on navigating the numerous choices and options available and helps make the process a bit less overwhelming.
  2. Roku HD-XR Player – Streaming HD Video to Your TV
    The world of streaming online video is moving at a rapid pace and Roku is one of the top companies driving technology. The Roku HD-XR Player is a slick product for getting Internet streaming video to your TV. For a very reasonable cost it can deliver HD-quality movies, TV shows, and a number of other Internet services including Netflix and Amazon Video on Demand directly to your HDTV via a broadband Internet connection.
  3. Large Computer Monitors – Why You Need One
    In the world of bigger, faster, stronger, cheaper large computer monitors are rapidly becoming the standard for desktop computers, and even for some laptop workstations. Gone are the days when 15” monitors or even 17” monitors were the norm. With the significant drop in prices on larger LCD flat panel monitors over the last few years computer monitors measuring 20”, 22”, 24” and even 27” have become more common and less expensive.
  4. Multiple Google Email Addresses – One Gmail Account
    Google’s Gmail is a very slick, free email product with many different features and facets. One Gmail feature that you may not be aware of is that multiple Google email addresses can be created from one Gmail account. These bonus email addresses are easy to create and manage and can take several different forms.
  5. Snagit Screen Capture Software – An Essential Tool
    Snagit screen capture software is one of my favorite tools. If you spend much time in front of a computer then having feature rich, easy-to-use screen capture software to grab pieces of what is on your computer screen and save it as a .jpg graphic file is a must. Published by TechSmith, Snagit provides a combination of features, functionality and power that make it an exceptionally useful tool.
  6. Powerline Computer Networking – Home Wifi Alternative
    Powerline computer networking is an easy to install yet flexible method of adding a wired computer network to your home. Powerline networking is a bit of an unknown with most people being more familiar with standard wired Ethernet networks and wifi wireless networks. A powerline network uses a home’s internal power lines to transfer data using adapters that plug into standard wall outlets. A standard Ethernet data cable connects the adapter to the computer. Simple and rather elegant.
  7. Laptop Computers – Netbook Computers – 8 Key Differences
    The key differences between netbook computers and laptop computers can appear rather blurry if you are not well versed on portable computer technology. Which factors are most important to you? Is it size, weight, operating system, CPU, performance, cost, battery life, or all of the above? Here is some help.
  8. Where Does Spam Come From?
    Spam impacts everyone in one way or another. Spam can seems like a mosquito in that it provides no value, can potentially be dangerous and never seems to go away completely. Have you ever found yourself wondering where spam actually comes from? Where in the world does spam originate prior to clogging up your email Inbox or your computer? Read and find out.
  9. Computer Data Backup – 8 Lesser Known Reasons to Backup Your Data
    Computer data backup isn’t one of the most exciting topics to talk about. Data backup may not be one of the most interesting things to discuss at a party. It’s a topic that sounds more like talking about car insurance to many people. But if you have ever experienced a crashed hard disk drive or experienced a lost or stolen laptop you may be painfully aware of the results of not having a full, recent backup of your important data. Here is why you should care about your backup.
  10. Tablet Computers – Tablets, Tablets Everywhere
    Tablet computers, driven by the launch of the Apple iPad, became one of the hottest technology topics of 2010. In many ways reminiscent of how the netbook computer (remember those?) burst onto the scene in 2007-2008 the tablet computer came out of nowhere in 2010. The accelerated growth of tablet computers is projected to continue well into the future. Here are some insights on tablet computers.

So we start 2011 by touching on some of the high points of 2010. If you missed any of these useful computer tech tip posts the first time around here is a chance to catch up. Enjoy. If you have any suggestion for computer tip topics in 2011 please leave a comment or connect with us via the Contact Us form.


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