Skype – 15 Things You Want to Know about Skype

by Mike McEvoy on May 24, 2012


People or businesses looking for a Voice Over IP (VoIP) solution should make Skype one of the options they consider. Offering a wide range of features, the last few years has seen Skype also become increasingly popular with people who need to make international calls but want a more cost effective solution. Skype has a [...]


Top 10 Computer Tips for 2010 from HTS Tech Tips

by Mike McEvoy on January 24, 2011


Our top computer tips from 2010 covered a wide range of the technology spectrum. We must have hit on a good mixture of interesting and useful mix of computer tips, technology news and online computer support information as the number of visitors to our site went up dramatically in 2010. To help kick off 2011 [...]


Apple iPad Tablet – Perspectives

by Mike McEvoy on April 5, 2010


The Apple iPad tablet computer is here and as you might expect there are numerous points of view on the iPad’s arrival. This post includes 12 perspectives on the Apple iPad that cover a wide spectrum of opinion. Some perspectives are based on hands-on reviews while others look at the iPad’s features and tablet computing [...]