AOL Layoffs – Cutting 700+ Employees

by MikeM on March 12, 2009

AOL, once the nation’s leading provider of dial-up Internet access service, recently announced that it was paring its workforce by 10% or roughly 700 people. The bulk of the layoffs will be in the US. Main reasons given for the layoffs were the tight economy, a substantial drop off in advertising revenue and a refocusing [...]


Cost for An AOL AIM Account

by MikeM on December 5, 2007

Question: Do I need to have an AOL account that I pay for to use AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)? Answer:  No, AIM is free.  You can download and install AOL Instant Messenger (IM) and set up an AOL IM account without having to pay for an AOL account. You can download the Instant Messenger program [...]