Netbook Computer Primer

by Mike McEvoy on May 21, 2009

The Netbook computer has made quite a splash in a computer world driven by smaller, lighter, stronger, faster, and easier. Netbooks are the latest version of the portable computer. Similar to laptop computers in many ways except that Netbook computers are smaller, lighter, less expensive and less powerful. They are great for portability but less [...]


Dell Adamo Laptop – Stylish, Light, Powerful

by Mike McEvoy on March 31, 2009

Dell recently introduced the Adamo, its brand new, highly stylish, laptop computer. Featuring a 13.4 “ 16:9 HD display and sporting an ultra-thin profile the Adamo is in contention for the title of “world’s thinnest laptop.” Sharing a design sensibility with the MacBook Air, the Adamo is a clear break from Dell’s recent laptop designs [...]


Question:  I want to buy a new computer but I don’t want Windows Vista. Where can I find a system with Windows XP? Answer:  A good question and an issue that has been rather muddy since Microsoft ended all retails sales of Windows XP. At this point any system that is sold through a standard [...]