SSD – Solid State Drives Enter the Mainstream

by Mike McEvoy on December 31, 2011

SSD Solid-State Drives Intel SSD

Solid-state disk drives (SSD) are still in the early adopter stages, but with changes in the computing market they may well be about to take off.  What exactly is a solid-state disk drive?  A solid-state drive is a drive with no moving parts. Unlike a traditional hard disk drive (HDD), an SSD drive has no [...]


USB 3.0 – SuperSpeed USB Finds Its Way

by Mike McEvoy on December 21, 2011

USB 3.0, Superspeed USB 3.0, USB3, USB 3

Back in November 2009 when the first consumer products to feature USB 3.0 were shipped, I wrote a post detailing the capabilities of USB 3.0.  At the time of that post, USB 3.0 was still a brand new technology, and availability was limited.  It wasn’t until the following year that USB 3.0 products started to [...]


Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack Savings

by Mike McEvoy on October 13, 2010


Microsoft originally launched Windows 7 in October 2009. At that time they offered a money-saving, special priced Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack for 3 PCs for $149. This special Windows 7 pricing only lasted for a few months and was then discontinued. Recently, Microsoft re-launched the Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade Family Pack [...]