Gmail backup - backing up gmail data

Gmail backup is a concept that many Gmail users have not spent much time thinking about. Although the idea of Gmail backup did get some user’s attention when 40,000 Gmail users lost all the data in their email accounts at one point in 2011. Sure, it was only 0.02 percent of all Gmail users, but [...]


Google Chrome shortcuts provide an easy and effective way to improve productivity and Internet browsing  performance when using Google’s web browser. From Page Navigation to managing Pages and Tabs to speeding up Web Page and Address bar tasks this posts will cover 70 Chrome shortcuts for  boosting your efficiency using the Chrome web browser. Many [...]


Android OS for Android Phones and Tablets

by Mike McEvoy on May 13, 2011


In the world of technology innovation the Android OS has emerged as a growing engine of change. Already powering a rapidly growing array of smartphones and tablet computers, the Android operating system has risen to a prominent role in the technology and gadget marketplace in just a few short years.  A solid indication of the [...]