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Skype – 15 Things You Want to Know about Skype

by Mike McEvoy on May 24, 2012


People or businesses looking for a Voice Over IP (VoIP) solution should make Skype one of the options they consider. Offering a wide range of features, the last few years has seen Skype also become increasingly popular with people who need to make international calls but want a more cost effective solution. Skype has a [...]


Dropbox online data storage is a powerful, budget-friendly solution for individuals and businesses who need secure off site data storage combined with easy accessibility to the data from multiple locations. Using a Cloud-based system where data is stored in a remote online repository yet securely accessible via the Internet, Dropbox users can backup, store and [...]


The Microsoft Office 2010 Quick Access Toolbar and Ribbon Bar provide a real productivity boost for Office 2010 users. Originally introduced in Office 2007, Microsoft has continued to expand and enhance the functionality of both the Quick Access Toolbar and the Office Ribbon Bar. Both elements represented a significant departure from the user interface of [...]