Mobile Phone

MiFi – Cellular Mobile Wireless Internet Hotspot

by Mike McEvoy on October 24, 2009


Ever wish your laptop could wirelessly connect to the Internet from anywhere that your cell phone can connect? And that you could do it without having to install software, attach hardware or cables, or configure any special devices on your computer? What if you could have a small portable wireless hot spot that allows multiple [...]


Looking for a good way to get rid of all those old computers and electronic devices that you no longer use? How about electronics trade in and recycling services that take your unwanted computers, electronics and gadgets, help you ship them, process them safely, and pay you too? What if you could actually get a [...]


Send Email Messages to Mobile Phones

by MikeM on March 8, 2009

Cellular carriers provide a service that many people are unaware of — the ability to send email to a cell phone. In other words, this is how to send a text message from email. Carriers assign an email address to each phone number utilizing a format that is specific to each carrier.  Using this format [...]