Large Computer Monitors – Why You Need One

by Mike McEvoy on June 17, 2010


Large computer monitors are rapidly becoming the standard for desktop computers and even for some laptop workstations. Gone are the days when 15” monitors or even 17” monitors were the norm. With the significant drop in prices on larger LCD flat panel monitors over the last few years computer monitors measuring 20”, 22”, 24” or [...]


You have been shopping for a new computer and have narrowed the search down to the one you want. Here are five other essential items to remember to make your computing experience complete. New Computers – Best Items to Include with Your New System 1.   Monitor for a desktop computer — OK, you’re saying that [...]


LCD Monitors | Time to Replace?

by MikeM on October 1, 2008

There have been huge changes with computer LCD monitors over the last few year. Prices have decreased, LCD monitor sizes have increase and pictures have improved. All provide a good reason to consider replacing your older monitor. Question:  I have a 17″ four-year old LCD monitor that seems to work fine but I’m thinking about [...]