HP Tablets – HP TouchPad | HP Slate

by Mike McEvoy on March 16, 2011


The evolution of HP Tablet computers continues with the recently announced HP TouchPad, closely following the fourth quarter 2010 introduction of the HP Slate tablet. In a change of direction from many of its tablet competitors the computer giant is utilizing different operating systems for their tablet PCs. The HP Slate runs the Windows Pro [...]


Top 10 Computer Tips for 2010 from HTS Tech Tips

by Mike McEvoy on January 24, 2011


Our top computer tips from 2010 covered a wide range of the technology spectrum. We must have hit on a good mixture of interesting and useful mix of computer tips, technology news and online computer support information as the number of visitors to our site went up dramatically in 2010. To help kick off 2011 [...]


Tablet Computers – Tablets, Tablets Everywhere

by Mike McEvoy on December 14, 2010


Dawn of the Tablet Computers Era Tablet computers, driven by the launch of the Apple iPad, became one of the hottest technology topics of 2010. In many ways reminiscent of how the netbook computer (remember those?) burst onto the scene in 2007-2008 the tablet computer came out of nowhere in 2010. The accelerated growth of [...]