Where Does Spam Come From?

by Mike McEvoy on August 24, 2010


Spam impacts everyone in one way or another. Have you ever found yourself wondering where does spam actually come from?  Where in the world does spam originate prior to clogging up your email Inbox or your computer? I recently came across interesting spam information from ICSA Labs, an independent testing organization that produces a weekly [...]


Apple iPad Tablet – Perspectives

by Mike McEvoy on April 5, 2010


The Apple iPad tablet computer is here and as you might expect there are numerous points of view on the iPad’s arrival. This post includes 12 perspectives on the Apple iPad that cover a wide spectrum of opinion. Some perspectives are based on hands-on reviews while others look at the iPad’s features and tablet computing [...]


ScanCafe Medium Format Black and White Negative Scanning

by Mike McEvoy on February 15, 2010


Several months ago I wrote a review of ScanCafe’s scanning services entitled “ScanCafe – Great Photo, Negative and Slide Scans.” I was impressed with their service, quality and prices. One drawback I found with the service was the absence of an option for medium format black and white negatives. It took ScanCafe a little time [...]