The Microsoft Office 2010 Quick Access Toolbar and Ribbon Bar provide a real productivity boost for Office 2010 users. Originally introduced in Office 2007, Microsoft has continued to expand and enhance the functionality of both the Quick Access Toolbar and the Office Ribbon Bar. Both elements represented a significant departure from the user interface of [...]


Where Does Spam Come From?

by Mike McEvoy on August 24, 2010


Spam impacts everyone in one way or another. Have you ever found yourself wondering where does spam actually come from?  Where in the world does spam originate prior to clogging up your email Inbox or your computer? I recently came across interesting spam information from ICSA Labs, an independent testing organization that produces a weekly [...]


Microsoft Outlook Data Backup Utility

by Mike McEvoy on September 16, 2009


Email continues to grow in importance to many people’s daily life. As part of that growth millions of people use Microsoft Outlook everyday for reading and managing their email. To help individual Outlook users protect their valuable data Microsoft provides an Outlook data backup utility named “Personal Folder Backup.” This free, easy to install utility [...]