Service Pack

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Available – SP1

by Mike McEvoy on March 31, 2011


Microsoft recently began shipping Windows 7 Service Pack 1. Initially available through direct download, Microsoft is now including Windows 7 SP1 as part of the regular Windows Update service that automatically downloads and installs priority updates for Microsoft products. Windows 7 SP1 is available for all editions of Windows 7 including Home Basic, Home Premium, [...]


The last few weeks have seen a significant uptick in security problems. Many of these headaches are being caused by the concern of a new software worm circulating around the Internet. The Worm is now being identified as “Gimmiv” and the problem is serious enough for Microsoft to release a rare emergency Windows security patch [...]


Question: I’ve heard about things called “Service Packs” for Windows and for Microsoft Office. What is a “Service Pack” and do I need them? Answer:  According to Microsoft, “Service packs are the means by which product updates are distributed. Service packs may contain updates for system reliability, program compatibility, security, and more. All of these [...]