Tablet PC Primer

by Mike McEvoy on April 1, 2012

tablet PC, iPad, apple, android tablet, samsung galaxy tab, tablet computer

Tablet PC Primer One of the fastest growing trends in computing is the use of the tablet PC. Tablet computers have been around for some time having been first introduced to the mainstream over a decade ago. The main turning point in terms of growth and popularity was the introduction of the Apple iPad. Tablet [...]


SSD – Solid State Drives Enter the Mainstream

by Mike McEvoy on December 31, 2011

SSD Solid-State Drives Intel SSD

Solid-state disk drives (SSD) are still in the early adopter stages, but with changes in the computing market they may well be about to take off.  What exactly is a solid-state disk drive?  A solid-state drive is a drive with no moving parts. Unlike a traditional hard disk drive (HDD), an SSD drive has no [...]


Android OS for Android Phones and Tablets

by Mike McEvoy on May 13, 2011


In the world of technology innovation the Android OS has emerged as a growing engine of change. Already powering a rapidly growing array of smartphones and tablet computers, the Android operating system has risen to a prominent role in the technology and gadget marketplace in just a few short years.  A solid indication of the [...]