Powerline Computer Networking – Home Wifi Alternative

by Mike McEvoy on January 26, 2010


Powerline computer networking is an easy to install yet flexible method of adding a wired computer network to your home. Powerline networks are less well known than standard wired Ethernet networks and wifi wireless networks but can be quite useful in a home environment. A Powerline network uses a home’s internal power lines to transfer [...]


Wireless Network Signal Reception Challenges

by MikeM on September 21, 2008

Question: I have a wireless network installed in my home but have found several places where I receive poor reception or lose my network connection completely. What factors will affect my wireless network signal the most? Answer: The most important item to keep in mind about wireless or Wi-Fi networks is that they are really [...]


Improving Wireless Network Performance

by MikeM on December 20, 2007

Question: I’ve had a wireless network in my home for a few years, but it seems slow and doesn’t reach to a lot of places in my house. How can I improve the network performance? Answer: Wireless networks have evolved quite a bit in the last several years. Replacing an older wireless router with a [...]