The Microsoft Office 2010 Quick Access Toolbar and Ribbon Bar provide a real productivity boost for Office 2010 users. Originally introduced in Office 2007, Microsoft has continued to expand and enhance the functionality of both the Quick Access Toolbar and the Office Ribbon Bar. Both elements represented a significant departure from the user interface of [...]


With the release of Office 2007 Microsoft introduced the Office Ribbon Bar and Quick Access Toolbar to increase user productivity with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. In the process these changes have caused a bit of user frustration. While both the Quick Access Toolbar and the Ribbon Bar can boost productivity for users in their [...]


Software: Locating Product Version Numbers

by MikeM on December 4, 2008

Periodically you need to find the version number of a piece of software that you are using. Locating this bit of information is not always an intuitive process. However over the years a bit of a standard has developed for where the software product version number resides. To locate this information launch the program and [...]