Internet Explorer

35 Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

by Mike McEvoy on October 6, 2009


Internet Explorer remains the most popular web browser in use today. Since Internet Explorer comes installed on all Windows computers by default, many users are not aware of the wide range of IE keyboard shortcuts available.  Though they seem simple these small combinations of keystrokes can be real productivity boosters. Here are 35 Internet Explorer [...]


Simple Internet Explorer 8 and Windows Tips

by Mike McEvoy on September 26, 2009


Most computer users want want to be more productive with the applications and computing environment they use every day. In the process it is easy to get caught up in elaborate plans and utilities. Sometimes short and seemingly minor tips and workarounds can deliver the most significant boosts for workflow and productivity. Here are a [...]


5 Common Computer Security Mistakes

by Mike McEvoy on August 31, 2009

common computer mistakes

Computer security mistakes can be a painful and costly experience. While computer viruses have been around since well before the Web, the growth of web traffic and email usage have accelerated the distribution of malicious software or “malware.” The good news is that with a bit of thought, planning and vigilance you can effectively protect [...]